Good Energy’s procurement policy

It is important to us at Good Energy that our procurement activity is carried out to meet our needs in terms of sustainability, quality, quantity, price and timeliness of delivery.

We have developed procurement processes designed to achieve these core aims and also to promote fair and open competition.

As part of this our processes aim to support the Good Energy teams when selecting suppliers to ensure effective tender processes are undertaken, ethical and financial credentials are considered and that responsibilities for the ongoing supplier relationship are defined.

Our core procurement activity as a business is where we buy our power from. The key sustainability indicator is our 100% sourcing of renewable electricity.  We have two policies that demonstrate that we try to ensure that our generation has as little impact on the surrounding ecological and socio-economic environments as possible.

As a result, we have some of the strictest purchasing criteria in the industry - it’s also some of the most transparent. Our renewable energy procurement strategy outlines what types of sites we buy our power from, and we have a more detailed bio-generation procurement document, that goes into depth on purchasing power from biofuel generation sites. Find out more about Good Energy's power procurement online, or you can contact the PPA team on 0800 254 0001

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