Hampole Wind Farm


Located at Hampole near Doncaster, this four-turbine wind farm has a total generation capacity of 8.2MW, sufficient to power around 4,900 average homes.

Hampole Wind Farm started generating renewable electricity in spring 2014 following a construction programme completed on time and on budget.

By sourcing the turbine towers from the UK, we were able to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and boost the national economy as well.

For the lifetime of the wind farm, Good Energy will contribute at least £8,200 per year (rising with inflation) to a community fund. This fund is managed by national charity Grantscape on behalf of Good Energy with input on grant allocations from a committee of local representatives.

Project key facts

Number of turbines: 4

Installed capacity: 8.2MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 19,000MWh* (projected)

Homes powered: 4,750**

Status: Operational

*Based on the UK average load factor for onshore wind for 2014 of 26,5% (Source: Digest of UK Energy Statistics, DECC, 2015), a wind farm with an installed capacity of 8.2MW woudl generate around 19,000MWh per year.

**Based on the estimated annual output of 19,000MWh and the average annual household electricity consumption for 2014 of 4,001kWh (Source: DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK, 2015).

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