Woolbridge Solar Farm

Woolbridge Solar Farm near Wool in Dorset was the first solar farm to be developed, built and operated by Good Energy.

Completed in June 2014, it now generates enough renewable electricity to power around 1,300 average homes.

Following construction, a wildflower meadow has been planted across the site to help enhance wildlife habitat and provide for sheep grazing.

For the lifetime of the project, Good Energy will contribute at least £5,000 per year (rising with inflation) to a community fund.  This fund is controlled by a committee of local people and used to support community initiatives.  Projects supported to date include the refurbishment of the foyer at Wool Library and improved facilities at Bovington skatepark.

As part of its commitment to invest in the community, Good Energy has also funded the installation of small-scale solar PV systems at three local primary schools (Bovington, Wool Church of England and St Mary & St Joseph’s) and at D’Urbeville Hall in Wool.

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Project key facts

Installed capacity: 5MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 5,500MWh* (projected)

Homes powered: 1,300**

Status: Operational

*The estimated annual output of 5,500MWh is based on an installed capacity of 5MW and PVGIS estimates of solar electricity generation for the postcode location of the site of 1,100kWh per year for a 1kW system (Source: EC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport).

**Based on the estimated annual output of 5,500MWh and the average annual household electricity consumption for 2014 of 4,001kWh (Source: DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK, 2015).

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