Warren Park Farm

Following planning consent granted in December 2015, Good Energy is evaluating the options and timescales for building a 5MW solar farm on land at Warren Park Farm near the village of Alderholt, in Dorset.

Once complete, the solar farm will generate enough renewable electricity to power around 1,200 average homes.

Occupying a single field close to Good Energy’s Crossroads Solar Farm, the 25-acre site  is remarkably well-screened by existing hedgerows and natural undulations in the landscape.

The environmental plan for the site includes planting new wildflower meadows and grassland to encourage pollinating insects, small mammals and birds; improvements to hedgerows; and purpose-built habitats such as bird boxes and refuges to provide safe haven for a variety of species.  And once this work is complete, the layout of the solar farm will enable the site to be grazed by sheep.

For the lifetime of the solar farm, Good Energy will contribute at least £5,000 every year (rising with inflation) to a community fund. The fund would be controlled by local people and used to support community initiatives.

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Project key facts

Installed capacity: 5MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 5,100MWh* (projected)

Homes powered: 1,200** (projected)

Status: Planning approved

*Based on an installed capacity of 5MW and PVGIS estimates of solar electricity generation for the postcode location of the site of 1,020kWh per year for a 1kW system (Source: EC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport).

**Based on the estimated annual output of 5,100MWh and the average annual household electricity consumption for 2014 of 4,001kWh (Source: DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK, 2015).

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