Oaklands became Good Energy’s seventh operational solar farm when it was commissioned in January 2016.

The 5MW solar farm north of Wareham in Dorset generates enough renewable electricity to power approximately 1,300 homes.

The site at Oaklands is very well-screened and positioned between a landfill site and a commercial forest. The land occupied by the solar panels was previously used as a Christmas tree plantation, some rough pasture and a motocross track.

In January 2017, the solar farm was sold to Eneco UK Ltd. Good Energy retains an option to buy power from Oaklands and will also be responsible for managing the site on behalf of the new owners.

The sale does not affect the environmental and community commitments made by Good Energy during the planning process.

The solar farm, will continue to generate a community fund worth at least £5,000 per year (rising with inflation) for the lifetime of the project. This fund will be controlled by local people and used to support community initiatives.

As asset managers for the site, Good Energy will also continue to oversee delivery of the site environmental plan, including grassland and heathland re-creation, sheep-grazing and introduction of a wetland area.


Project key facts

Installed capacity: 5MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 5,350MWh* 

Homes powered: 1,350**

Status: Operational

*Based on site export data for 2016

**Based on average annual household electricity consumption for 2015 of 3,938kWh (Source: DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK, 2016)

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