Lower End Farm Solar Farm

Lower End Solar Farm is generating 100% renewable electricity after being completed in June 2015.

The site located at Marston in Wiltshire will generate enough renewable electricity to power approximately 1,200 average homes. 

The solar farm lies on approximately 25 acres of flat, low-grade agricultural land away from the local villages of Marston and Worton. It is partially surrounded by mature hedgerows which will be grown up to approximately three metres in height to provide additional screening. Tree planting will also be carried out to minimise views of the solar farm from all sides.

The ground will be sown with a diverse grass mix which will be perfect for the grazing of sheep and will also enhance biodiversity and provide valuable habitats for local wildlife.


For the lifetime of the solar farm, Good Energy will contribute at least £7,500 per year (rising with inflation) to community funds for local good causes in Marston and Worton Parishes.


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Project key facts

Installed capacity: 5MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 4,800MWh*

Homes powered: 1,200**

Status: Operational

*Based on an installed capacity of 5MW and PVGIS estimates of solar electricity generation for the postcode location of the site of 965kWh per year for a 1kW system (Source: EC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport).

**Based on the estimated annual output of 4,800MWh and the average annual household electricity consumption for 2014 of 4,001kWh (Source: DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK, 2015).


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