Good Energy’s proposal for 2MW solar farm at Delabole in Cornwall received a resolution for planning approval in January 2016.

Sited next to our first wind farm, the proposed solar farm would generate enough renewable electricity to power approximately 490 average homes.

The proposal includes an innovative design to maximise agricultural productivity and make the most of the existing wind farm’s grid connection.

What’s different?

  • The solar panels would be installed with a 17 metre gap between each row, instead of the more usual 5 - 6 metres. This will allow farm machinery to work the 25-acre site as normal, with plenty of space to move up and down between the panels.
  • The solar farm would be ‘plugged’ into the same grid connection already used by our wind farm. This means the solar farm would be able to make the most of available grid capacity by adding to and ‘smoothing out’ electricity output from the wind farm.

Good Energy would also contribute at least £2,000 to a new community fund each year for the lifetime of the solar farm. The fund would be controlled by local people and used to support community initiatives in the same way as the existing wind farm community fund.  

Our longer term vision for Delabole is to create a renewables research hub with a solar farm and electricity storage alongside the existing turbines to demonstrate how a combination of wind and solar generation can meet local energy demand throughout the year.

Confirmation of planning approval for the solar farm is subject to Good Energy submitting satisfactory additional environmental reports to Cornwall Council.

Project key facts

Installed capacity: 2MW

Annual renewable electricity output: 1,970MWh* (estimated)

Approximate number of homes powered: 490**

Status: Planning

*Based on an installed capacity of 2MW and PVGIS estimates of solar electricity generation for the postcode location of the site of 988kWh per year for a 1kW system (Source: EC Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport).

**Based on the estimated annual output of 1,970MWh and the average annual household electricity consumption for 2014 of 4,001kWh (Source: DECC, Energy Consumption in the UK, 2015).

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