Good Energy for Electric Vehicles

If you’re an electric vehicle driver, you could travel up to 2000 miles on free electricity when you switch to Good Energy*.

Switch your home supply to Good Energy today and over the course of a year we’ll give you a £100 Annual Discount on our standard 100% renewable electricity tariff.

That’s the equivalent of the power you’d need to drive your EV from London to Venice and back again** - and all sourced from 100% renewable electricity.

Why switch to a green EV driver's tariff?

By driving an electric vehicle you’ve already chosen ultra-low emissions and you’re helping to build a low carbon future for you and the next generation.

But do you know where the power to charge your EV comes from? Choose 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy and you can be confident that you’re charging your electric vehicle at home with power from cleaner sources like the sun, wind and rain. In fact, that same renewable electricity will power your whole household. 

How to switch to the UK’s cheapest green electricity tariff***

Call our dedicated team on 0800 254 0002 and ask for our EV driver's tariff (if you're already a customer, call 0800 254 0000 and choose option 6 to discuss changing your tariff).

You’ll need to provide a copy of one of the documents below before we can switch your supply, so have them to hand when you call:

  • If you own the electric vehicle:  a copy of your V5C registration certificate
  • If you rent the electric vehicle:  your lease document
  • If it’s a company electric vehicle:  we’ll need a copy of your registration certificate and a copy of the lease agreement or a typed letter on your company’s headed paper, signed by your employer and dated within the last three months.  The letter will need to include your name and home address, and the car’s make, model and registration.

You can also sign up for Good Energy’s Green Gas too: 6% biomethane and 100% carbon neutral.


*How up to 2000 free miles is calculated: Free miles are calculated based on the amount of electricity £100 would buy at Good Energy’s Standard Variable Tariff (average single rate unit price (incl. VAT) of 14.2p per kWh) multiplied by the average distance traveled by the UK’s 5 top selling electric vehicles ( per kWh of charge (4.09 miles/kWh).

Example: £100/ £0.142 = 704.23kWh x 4.09 = 2,880.3 ‘free miles’

**Based on Google maps distance calculation from Trafalgar Square, London to St Mark’s Square, Venice – return journey using the Channel Tunnel of 1888 miles. 

***As at 13th July 2016

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