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a message from our CEO

This year marks 20 years since I set up Good Energy to allow people to help tackle climate change by choosing clean power. Between then and now, it feels like momentum has truly started to build. Last year saw a record 33%1 of the power the UK consumes, generated by renewables. We’re delighted that the energy landscape is changing. But we know there’s still a long way to go. And we won’t rest until the UK is powered entirely by clean, green energy.

I want to say how grateful I am to you as our customer for continuing to support us and what we all believe in. I hope you enjoy reading the below pieces that look to re-inforce why you chose us. We’d very much welcome your thoughts on what you think and what else you’d like us to cover in future.

Renewable is more than just a label

Many energy suppliers that offer green tariffs talk about their ‘100% renewable’ electricity supply being verified through certificates which are submitted to the regulator, Ofgem. These are REGOs, which certify that a unit of electricity comes from a renewable source. The trouble is, energy companies can buy them separately from the power they relate to, for a very low cost. This means they can then claim their power is green, when they could’ve bought if from anywhere – even a coal-fired power station.

At Good Energy, we have a more straightforward approach to clean power. One that does not mislead you, our customer, and actively supports the renewable industry. We buy all of our electricity (and the REGOs that come with it) directly from our independent generators through Power Purchase Agreements – for a fair price. Because we believe that the more support we give to renewables today, the more they’ll be able to grow tomorrow.

Regulator recognises the special nature of the energy we sell

At the government’s request, in 2018 Ofgem announced they were introducing a price cap on default energy tariffs, designed to protect customers who are on expensive standard variable tariffs because they haven’t shopped around. In the process of developing its implementation, the government and Ofgem consulted with the energy industry on the impact the cap might have on renewable suppliers. The concern being that in the process of rightly protecting unengaged consumers, valuable support for renewables could be caught in the crossfire.

We presented the case for truly renewable tariffs to be exempt, and green suppliers like Good Energy were indeed recognised as different. We offer material support for the renewable industry and our customers actively choose to buy energy from us. As such, OFGEM laid out a route for exemption (or a ‘derogation’) from the price cap for renewable suppliers. We applied for, and have been granted, a temporary derogation from the cap.


Juliet Davenport
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

1 Carbon Brief, 2019: carbonbrief.org/analysis-uk-electricity-generation-2018-falls-to-lowest-since-1994

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recent highlights

Expanding the sources of our power

In 2018, we grew the number of sources we buy your 100% renewable electricity from – with our community of over 1,400 independent renewable generators spread across the UK. This year, as well as adding more solar and wind power, we’ve expanded the number of bio generators in our portfolio. These include landfill gas sites, which capture the gas given off by food waste and burn it to generate electricity.

Our generators come in all shapes and sizes. From farmers with a single wind turbine in one of their fields, to sustainable businesses that generate their own power.

Going green is good for business

We’re delighted to welcome some amazing new customers in the last few months including Blenheim Palace, the UNESCO listed birthplace of Winston Churchill. Its ongoing commitment to sustainability, which has included investment in biomass boilers, solar panels, a hydroelectric turbine and a fleet of electric vehicles has now been boosted with our 100% renewable electricity supply.

Blenheim is on track to reducing its consumption of energy, meeting its
energy demands with renewables and,
in time, becoming our own renewable energy generator. This new agreement [with Good Energy] means that, while we continue to increase our renewable energy production, we are supporting a sustainable energy industry within the UK.

Jacqueline Gibson, Sustainability Advisor, Blenheim Palace

Also newly joined to the Good Energy community is The Brecon Beacons National Park
- a shining example of the wild spaces in our world that we need to protect. Moving to renewable power will save the park an average of 51,000 kg of carbon dioxide emissions each year – the equivalent of driving a new car from London to Beijing 40 times.

We’re also excited to be supplying the electric vehicle charging company,
Electric Blue, which works with local authorities and taxi operators to clean up city centres by adopting EV fleets and install rapid charging points. As of 23rd November 2018, Electric Blue’s growing EV services – all powered by our 100% renewable electricity – have saved 12,540 kg in carbon emissions.

And it’s not just new customers who are seeing a positive from their green power. Other brands, such as our longstanding customers, Pukka Herbs, are encouraging the businesses they work with to make the switch, too. We’ve supported Pukka to be certified as carbon neutral, and have gone on to supply one of their supply chain partners, Infusion GB.

opportunities to promote the choice of your power

Coming soon - new services as part of your contract

In spring, we’ll be launching a new campaign where we’ll provide your organisation with a unique discount code that your staff can use to switch to Good Energy. You’ll also be able to track when people take up the offer. Watch this space – we’ll let you know more about this as soon as we can.

We’re also going to be sending you a proof of renewable supply certificate and promo
eco sticker for you to promote your choice of power within your business. Again we’ll let you know when we’ll be sending these out so you can watch out for them.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your continued commitment to tackling climate change by supporting renewable energy. We look forward to what 2019 brings.

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In our next newsletter we’ll introduce our plans for electric vehicle charging for businesses. We’re always interested to hear your suggestions for what subjects you’d like us to cover in our newsletters. If you have any thoughts or feedback to share, please email Ournews-feedback@goodenergy.co.uk

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