The weather review

December was dominated by rain. A lot of rain. The rainfall has been above seasonal averages for this time of year, leading to localised flooding across the UK. While the temperatures have on average been slightly above what would normally be expected there have been short periods of cold.

In January, expect a bit of everything with interchanging cold/low wind and mild/high wind spells. Temperature, rainfall and solar output are all expected to be slightly higher than average as the new year (and decade) begins. Rumours abound in the media about ‘thundersnow’ or ‘the coldest January and February in years’, but it is likely that January will be about seasonal. The weather event that brought about the Beast from the East in 2018 (Sudden Stratospheric Warming) is unlikely to occur in January, therefore pushing potential cold to the back end of winter. Current long-range forecasts are giving a 45% chance of a cold February.