Warming the hearts of the Coombe community

Villagers in Coombe, Cornwall will keep warm during the frosty months thanks to a grant from a local solar farm.

The grant of £4,070 will fund a replacement boiler for the hall that will be more powerful and more efficient.

Coombe Community Hall was awarded a grant from the community fund linked to Carloggas Solar Farm, which is owned and operated by green energy company Good Energy.

James Ryle, Communities Manager at Good Energy said, “

A Hall spokesperson said “The Hall is a significant part of village life. It is available for hire, which helps the charity cover maintenance costs. The current boiler is old and inefficient – yoga and pilates groups have complained about the temperature.

“The Hall has a small reserve fund but need to maintain this in case repairs are needed as the building is over 100 years old. If the boiler was to break down in the winter they would have to discontinue activities and incur a loss of income.”

Good Energy, which provides 100% renewable electricity and green gas to homes and businesses all over the UK, will contribute at least £8,300 per year to local causes for the 30 year lifetime of the solar farm.

Due to a low number of applications, £8000 of the fund is yet to be allocated. Local projects and causes can submit an application to St. Stephen in Branell Parish Council to be considered.

A previous grant from the solar farm community fund went to the Tregargus Trust – a charitable Trust that manages the historic Tregargus valley, to go towards the restoration of the area so it can be used by local schools.  

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