Juliet Davenport responds to Hinkley C green light

Responding to the news that the Hinkley C nuclear power station is to be given the go ahead by EDF, Good Energy chief executive Juliet Davenport OBE said:

“Giving the go ahead to Hinkley C is a bad move. It will take at least a decade to build and leave our grandchildren an inheritance of high energy costs, hazardous waste, environmental damage, and a plant that needs complex and costly decommissioning. No wonder only 36% of the British public support nuclear, compared to a whopping 76% for renewables.

“The same future generations that will blame us for Hinkley, could instead thank us for a legacy of investment in renewables.

“The transition to renewables is inevitable and brimming with economic opportunity – the UK should embrace it and move forward with a clean, green energy plan.”

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