Independent energy supplier Good Energy first to promise gas and electricity price-freeze this winter 19.10.16

  • Good Energy promises to freeze gas and electricity price for customers until March 31 2017 at the very earliest
  • Other suppliers begin to hike prices as winter draws in and customers turn the heating up
  • Customers could get big shock as their loss-leading suppliers feel rising wholesale costs

Independent energy supplier Good Energy has promised to freeze its gas and electricity price this winter.

It is the first energy supplier to guarantee that it will not put its prices up over the winter 2016/17 period.

David Brooks, Good Energy’s Managing Director said:

“We’re freezing our gas and electricity price this winter to give our customers peace of mind and no nasty shocks.

When it’s colder and darker, most will need to turn the lights and heating on for a bit longer each day.

Customers won’t thank their supplier for hiking up the price at the time of year when they’ll be using it most.

Sadly, as winter draws in some suppliers have a nasty habit of raising prices.”

Energy experts have warned that some suppliers have been operating unsustainable pricing models in recent months, with some deals not even covering the wholesale cost to the company.

David Brooks commented:

“This year we’ve seen some suppliers tempting customers with what appears to be loss-leading deals. But it’s clearly unsustainable.

Wholesale power prices have spiked and, unless they are fully-hedged, it is inevitable that those loss-leading suppliers will put their prices up.

As the old say goes: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

It’s better to offer customers a fair price and keep it stable.” 


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