Good Energy unveils the future of local, renewable energy supply

  • Good Energy launches the UK’s first online marketplace for renewable electricity – ‘Selectricity’ - giving businesses the power to choose how and where their electricity is generated
  • Pilot supported and part funded by the government
  • Customers using the platform currently include National Trust, the Eden Project, Community Power Cornwall and Brixton Energy

Independent renewable energy company Good Energy has launched a new online platform, allowing businesses to choose where their energy comes from for the first time.

The platform, named ‘Selectricity’, matches businesses with local renewable energy generators, providing them with more control and hour by hour visibility of their usage.

This will be the first peer-to-peer offering on the market, allowing businesses to make more sustainable choices and meet their corporate social responsibility and zero carbon emission goals.

David Brooks, Managing Director of Good Energy, said:

“We’re really excited to be launching Selectricity. This new offering puts consumers at the heart of the market and could unlock the potential of renewables with decentralised, local energy here in the UK.

“The platform will allow companies all across the country to develop an energy mix which perfectly suits their business and brings to life their commitment to renewable energy”.

Nick Hurd, Minister for Climate Change and Industry at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said:

“Unlocking the innovative capabilities of business is paramount to our transition to a low carbon economy, so I am delighted to see this project, which was backed by our Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, brought to the marketplace.

 “We are putting innovation at the centre of our Industrial Strategy so that we are creating the ideal conditions for businesses and industries to thrive. This new online marketplace is an indication of how low carbon and decentralised, local energy schemes can work.”

Augusta Grand, Head of Policy at the Eden Project, one of the first businesses to use the platform, commented on the launch saying:

“Selectricity is a great advance towards the smart grid: being able to match our electricity needs to a particular local supplier gives us transparency and takes the strain off the wider network. We are delighted to be part of such an important new offering.”

Agamemnon Otero MBE, CEO of Repowering London said:

“Our energy project in Brixton was one of the first schemes to take part on the platform and we’re really excited to see where it goes next.

“Thanks to Selectricity we now know that the energy being generated by our solar panels is being sold to the Eden Project in Cornwall – something we would never have been able to find out without this platform.”

Selectricity will be available for hundreds of business sites to join and with the advent of smart meters, there is also a potential to roll out the platform to households in the future.

Businesses can browse local generators, by computer, tablet or smart phone, and choose to be supplied by generators such as local wind and solar farms and schools.

Developed by technology start-up Open Utility, the platform was piloted by Good Energy earlier this year.

James Johnston Co-founder and CEO of Open Utility said:

“We are thrilled that Good Energy has chosen our software platform to bring their market leading renewable tariffs to life. We look forward to working with Good Energy to provide customers with choice and transparency over their renewable energy mix using our scalable digital service.”

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