Statement from Juliet Davenport following changes to Feed-in Tariff and Renewables Obligation

Juliet Davenport OBE, chief executive of Good Energy, one of the largest Feed-in Tariff administrators in the UK, said:

“The Feed-in Tariff has transformed how the UK generates electricity with more than 750,000 homes now generating their own power. It’s helped move us away from fossil fuels towards a cleaner, local, more democratic energy system.

“The new measures are a slight improvement on the original proposals but still mean that installing solar panels will no longer be attractive to British home-owners and the changes will also make it harder for housing associations and councils to use FIT to help those in fuel poverty.

“Just last week, world leaders agreed to ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions. The UK government really needs to get behind new low carbon technology and take a global lead in seizing the new opportunities.” 

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