Onshore wind announcement is disappointing, says Good Energy

Juliet Davenport OBE, founder and Chief Executive of Good Energy, said:

"At such an important time in international climate change negotiations, and just one day after more than 1,000 people descended on Parliament to lobby MPs about climate change it is very disappointing that the new government is announcing plans to reduce support for the cheapest large-scale renewable energy – onshore wind.

"By closing the Renewables Obligation early, the government is letting a vocal minority dictate energy policy. We believe the government should be providing solid, stable support for renewable energy which helps tackle the threat of climate change and challenges the dominance of fossil fuels.

"Today’s announcement will undermine growth, investment and jobs in a sector which is helping to introduce more competition and new players into the energy market. Onshore wind developers, including many British companies, have invested millions of pounds in good faith based on the government’s original timetable. This decision will bring further instability and uncertainty to investors and is transactional government at its worst.

"Onshore wind offers the opportunity for diversifying investment in energy, bringing with it the potential for job creation and further investment. Wind developments also support the growth of small-scale independent generators as well as communities who want to generate their own clean energy, have viable alternatives to the big six and reduce their energy bills.

"Renewable technologies need a stable policy framework from which to grow. They do not need another retrospective policy decision, changing goalposts and associated uncertainty. This will serve only to stifle investment, growth, competition and ultimately, the opportunity to make a meaningful low-cost, low-carbon contribution to the UK’s longer-term energy security."

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