Juliet Davenport statement ahead of findings from the CMA investigation into the energy market

Ahead of the CMA findings next week Juliet Davenport, CEO of independent provider Good Energy, said:

“I want to see the CMA act to shift the energy market from the old fashioned approach of the big players to something more innovative and exciting."

"Over 90% of householders are still supplied by the 'old' energy companies who still treat energy just as a commodity, but all the evidence suggests that customers want good customer service, with energy that doesn’t pollute the environment and affect our health, at a reasonable price. We are calling on the CMA to really inject more opportunities for innovation in this market and help un-stick the 'stickies'".

"I want to see the CMA act to cut red-tape. There are over 10,500 pages of codes we need to follow; most of which was created at the dawning of the energy market when big power stations and big companies dominated. Little of it anticipated a world where decentralised technologies such as wind and solar would be producing 24% of the UK’s electricity. We want to see more people actively participating in the energy markets, from changing their usage patterns of energy through to generating their own power, and the way the market is set up at the moment just means those kinds of innovations are impossible."

"So I hope the CMA makes recommendations that allow for a future where innovating is a natural part of the energy market, and one which puts customers at its heart."

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