Juliet Davenport responds to solar energy subsidy cut

Juliet Davenport is the chief executive of Wiltshire-based renewable electricity company Good Energy. It owns six solar farms in the UK and supports over 90,000 people who generate electricity at home using small-scale solar. She said:

“Ending support for solar power makes no sense at all. On one hand the government says it wants to keep household energy bills down by removing support for clean solar power, yet on the other promises massive subsidies to nuclear.

“The energy market currently has a wide range of subsidies and tax allowances in place, across all the technologies – renewables, nuclear and gas - and not all of these are transparent when it comes to the consumer.

“We’d like to see the government looking at all forms of support, not just renewables, and creating a more transparent and fair regime across the whole market.

“Our research shows that solar reduces wholesale prices by displacing high cost gas fired power generation during the day - the government is taking a one-sided approach by not taking this into account.

“Solar power met 15% of UK’s energy demand on the afternoon of Friday 3 July. With continued support from the Government over the next 5 years, solar would soon be one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation.

“Killing support for solar means that schools, farms, homes and indeed whole communities will find it much tougher to generate their own clean, local electricity and will be reliant on the same old-fashioned utility companies that they should be moving away from.

“We’re also worried about the knock-on effect this could have on innovation in the battery storage market, which is led by solar. Stifling support could bring an end to a truly game-changing technology which would enable households to store their own electricity.

“We’re still carefully reading details of the consultation to see what it means for us and the sites that we have in various stages of planning and consultation. What is clear though is that the constant shifting of the goal posts in terms of policy is bad news for the industry and investors. Investors need certainty and stability.”


Notes to editors

Good Energy is a fast-growing green energy company, generating and selling 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses across the UK, all wrapped up in great customer service. Our mission is to support change in the energy market, tackle climate change and boost energy security. Good Energy has consistently been ranked top or second in Which? energy company customer satisfaction surveys for the past four years. Good Energy invests in renewable energy including wind, solar, hydro and tidal.

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