Juliet Davenport comments on CMA investigation into the energy market

Responding to the release of the provisional findings from the Competition and Markets Authority investigation into the energy market, Good Energy CEO Juliet Davenport said:

“It’s great that the CMA has recognised that the customer isn’t always getting the best deal. Far too many consumers have never even considered switching to a supplier and the regulation which was intended to make things easier and fairer for them has in fact, made things worse and actually got in the way of competition."

“We’ve ended up with regulation including four-tariff rule that gets in the way of enabling us to offer the best deal for customers. As a result energy bills now run into several pages and it’s not a surprise customers are disengaged.

"Smaller, independent energy companies like Good Energy have always led the way on offering great customer service and fair prices.”

“What we need now is next steps from the CMA that will enable us to ‘unstick the stickies’, and light touch regulation which helps the consumer.”

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