Pukka Herbs have been a Good Energy customer for 13 years. Today we are helping them achieve carbon cutting science-based targets. We understand that our humble cup of tea has an environmental impact, and when scaled to the amount of tea drunk in Britain, it is a big one.

In the UK energy industry, ‘kettles boiled’ is the go-to quantifier for energy use. It is almost a cliché to say ‘this generator supplies enough electricity to boil that many kettles’. Our national grid is affected by a 5pm peak, which is caused by many appliances, but notoriously referred to as when everyone flicks their kettle on when they get home.

Which is why organic tea and food supplement company Pukka Herbs — whose mantra is around creating a sustainable world to benefit people, plants and the planet — are working with us and taking the carbon footprint of your cuppa very seriously.

The sustainably led company, which has been supplied by Good Energy since 2006, has had its ambitious Science-Based Targets to reduce its carbon footprint validated. And not just through kettle boils — the targets incorporate Pukka’s full ‘crop to cup’ supply chain.  

As Pukka’s renewable electricity supplier, we are a key part of that mission. We spoke to Co-Founder Sebastian Pole about what they are aiming to achieve, and how Good Energy is supporting them on their journey to become carbon zero by 2030.