When Good Energy started out, just under 3% of the UK’s electricity was generated from renewable sources. This now stands at just under 40%. And we’re supporting that transition to a zero-carbon Britain, by sourcing all our electricity from a community of over 1,700 renewable generators. 

The past 12 months have been a tumultuous time for the energy industry. High wholesale gas prices drove the cost of electricity upwards – a sure sign that Britain needs to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels more rapidly. So as 2022 begins, we want to celebrate our community of generators for their important role in making the energy grid greener. 

In 2021, together our generators produced an incredible 698GWh of green power 

That’s the same amount of electricity it takes to power all the homes in Manchester for over a year 

How we worked out this statistic 

Our independent generator community has kept growing since we started out in 1999. We now buy power from more than 1,700 generators of all sizes – spanning wind, solar, hydro and bio generation, right across Britain. In 2021, our generators produced a combined total of 698GWh of electricity.  

Manchester is the second largest city in the UK with approximately 234,290 residential properties. And according to the 2021 Typical Domestic Consumption Values produced by Ofgem, medium homes typically use 2900kWh of electricity per year.  

Based on the above figures, the 698GWh generated by our generators would power the residential properties in Manchester for around 367 days, or just over a year.