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About the Home Innovation Trail

Good Energy’s Home Innovation trial is part of a European wide initiative called BestRes.

 The European Community has recognised that the standard, established business models of regulators, utilities and grid operators may face numerous challenges in overcoming a shift away from conventional sources of generation to source an increasing proportion of our power from renewables.

 To help this transition, the European Commission is supporting BestRES (Best practices for renewable energy aggregators): a research project to develop and implement innovative business models for renewable energy aggregators across Europe to ensure efficient, secure and affordable operation of a cleaner, greener supply model.

 Good Energy is part of this pan-European project to both inform and learn from our neighbours, and help promote a renewable and competitive electricity system across Europe.

Home Innovation Trial FAQ

What is the Home Innovation Trial?

The Home Innovation Trial is a research and innovation trial developed by Good Energy to investigate and better understand the relationship between consumers and the energy they use.

Why has Good Energy launched the Home Innovation Trial?

Good Energy launched the Home Innovation Trial as part of the BestRes project. It is our mission to reconnect people with energy. We have a vision for a decentralised, low carbon energy system, where individuals have better control over how they generate, use and manage their energy. The Home Innovation Trial is exploring ways of doing this.

Is this part of the SMART meter programme?

No, neither project BestRes or the Home Innovation Trial is part of the SMART meter programme.

Who can participate in the Home Innovation Trial?

Select customers are invited by Good Energy to participate and asked to take a short survey to help us assess whether they are eligible.   

What are the benefits for a Home Innovation Trial participant?

Participants will receive a device called Verv that connects to their electricity meter worth £249.  At the end of the trial, they will be able to keep this at no cost. Using Verv will help you to understand how much your appliances cost to use so you can change your usage behaviour for the better.

What is the closing date to respond to my Home Innovation Trial invitation?

We only have a limited number of Verv smart hubs to give to our customers so we will close the survey as soon as we have enough eligible participants.

What is Verv and how does it work?

Verv is a clever home energy assistant that gives you intelligent information about key appliances in your home, helping you to tackle your bills, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home safe. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Verv identifies appliances in your home by their unique energy signatures and tells you how much each one is costing you to use, in real-time. And the longer you have Verv, the more advanced it becomes, using machine learning to learn about new appliances and their behaviours, unlocking more and more features such as alerts if you’ve left an appliance turned on for too long.

When does the Home Innovation Trial go live?

The Home Innovation Trial goes live when a participant connects their Verv. Our objective is to have all participants live at the beginning of April 2018.  

How long is the Home Innovation Trial?

The trial is designed in three live stages. It starts in April 2018 and comes to an end at the end of January 2019.

How can Good Energy afford to offer Verv to Home Innovation Trial participants?

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 691689.

Other Home Innovation Trial participant questions

Do I need an active WiFi connection?

Yes, you will need strong WiFi connection both in your home and where your meter is located.

Can I leave the Home Innovation Trial?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the Home Innovation Trial, you can choose to opt out anytime you want. Please note however, if you decide to opt out you will either need to return the Verv hub back to us or alternatively pay the applicable early termination fee; the amount of the early termination fee will depend on when you terminate. We will inform you of the exact early termination fee at the time when you sign up.

Who will have access to my data during the trial?

Good Energy and Green Running (makers of Verv).

How will my data be used?

At Good Energy we follow strict data protection processes to ensure all participants’ data is stored safely and securely. As a Home Innovation Trial participant, you are part of the wider BestRes project funded by the European Union, and so Good Energy needs to share your electricity consumption data with other project partners. This enables us to offer the services under your Home Innovation Trial contract (such as your own Verv) and carry out the BestRes project. Any personal electricity consumption data shared with other partners on the project is anonymised. As the customer and participant, you own all of your data. You can opt out of the Home Innovation Trial at any time, at which point we will no longer have access to any of your consumption data. For full details on how your data will be used please refer to the Terms and Conditions received in your Welcome Pack.

Who will have access to my data after the trial?

Only Green Running, if you keep your Verv connected. For more information please visit: https://verv.energy/privacy-policy   

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