One of your neighbours has chosen to swap out their boiler for an air source heat pump.

Want to heat your home in a greener, more efficient way too? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why choose a Good Energy heat pump?

  • End to end service: From quote right the way through to aftercare and servicing, you’re in safe hands with Good Energy.
  • Bespoke design: We design bespoke heat pump systems around your home – covering new builds, retrofits and period properties.
  • Optimum efficiency: Our heat pump systems are designed with efficiency in mind – and reach an average efficiency of 340%*.
  • Friendly expert installation: We directly employ all of our engineers, giving you assurance that your home will be treated with respect.
  • Long term reassurance: Our heat pump systems come with 10-year warranties and remote monitoring capabilities for long-term reassurance.

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Here’s why heat pumps are good news for our planet

  • Switching to a heat pump can cut your home’s carbon footprint by 65% compared with gas boilers**.
  • They run entirely off electricity, which is zero carbon if you’re with Good Energy.
  • They’re incredibly energy efficient – and our installs are 20% more efficient than industry standard on average.
  • They last longer than traditional boilers and need less maintenance.
  • They’re compatible with solar panels and batteries – reducing your reliance on the grid.
Man standing next to heat pump as dog looks on contentedly

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*Minimum efficiency standard required to be eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is 280%. Data from Good Energy heat pumps collected over 12 months show an average annual efficiency of 340%. 

**Average 65% reduction in carbon emissions compared to gas boilers.