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It can be deflating when your heating isn’t as reliable as you’d like. Or when it’s stopping you from being as green as you want to be. 

Choose the option that’s better for your home and our planet: a Good Energy heat pump.

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What’s so good about our heat pump installation service?



More efficient

The way we design and install our heat pump systems means they’re 20% more efficient than industry standards, on average*. Cutting your carbon and costing you less to run.

Designed around your home

New builds, retrofits and period properties are all covered.

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Reliable long term

We offer 10-year warranties and a remote monitoring service – allowing us to check your heat pump’s performance without you needing an engineer to visit.

See the difference a heat pump makes

Use our calculator to work out how much carbon you could save with a heat pump.

  • What type of home do you live in?

  • How many people live in your household?

  • Here’s how much carbon you could save

    Annual impact (tonnes of CO2e)


    Equivalent to mugs of tea

    less carbon than a gas boiler


    Equivalent to trees planted

    Lifetime impact (tonnes of CO2e)


    The weight of average

Greener and simpler than gas or oil

Cut your home’s carbon footprint by 65%** compared to a gas boiler. And take away the hassle of buying oil or LPG, if your home is off-grid. 

About our Midea heat pumps

  • Quiet: Midea models operate below 41 db.
  • Hassle free: Your heat pump keeps your home at a constant, comfortable temperature. Plus heat pumps need less maintenance, and remove the need to top up a gas or oil tank, if you’re off grid.
  • Suitable for old and new houses: each install is bespoke to your property. With an in-depth survey, we recommend any updates needed to make your home as warm as you’d like it to be.

Speak to one of our heat pump experts

Save £7,500 with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

As part of our installation service, we will check if you’re eligible to receive a £7,500 grant towards your air source heat pump through the government Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Our green energy experts can talk you through any steps you need to take to make your home eligible for the grant if it isn’t already, then handle the application on your behalf.

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*Minimum efficiency standard required to be eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is 280%. Data from Good Energy heat pumps collected over 12 months show an average annual efficiency of 340%. 

**Average 65% reduction in carbon emissions compared to gas boilers.