Earlier this year, we gave our customers the chance to submit their community project ideas to us for the chance to win £500. Following a fantastic response, our customers have voted for their winner!

Giving gardening a go!

Juliet Hobday, who submitted her Food at the Triangle community project application in April, is thrilled to have been voted for by Good Energy customers.

It aims to give inner-city children in South London the chance to learn how to plant their own vegetables, then pick, cook and eat them.

The project was inspired by a feeling that many children living in cities today have little experience learning about vegetables and fruit when they’re growing outside as plants.

Juliet also recognises the fact that many of her neighbouring children in London will not have access to their own garden at home, so they can really benefit from such a scheme being available in their area.

After hearing that the Food at the Triangle project had been chosen, Juliet said:

We are thrilled that Good Energy’s customers have chosen our project to receive £500. We are really looking forward to planting, growing and eating the fruit & veg!

From the ground to the plate: Triangle Jam!

The Food at the Triangle team will be talking to the children involved to learn more about what they would like to grow and eat. Then determine what is possible to grow in their current space in South London.

Juliet has said the cash award will go towards the cost of tools, compost, bulbs, fruit bushes, seeds and cooking facilities over the next few months. In the meantime, they’ve already started learning to cook what is already growing as their summer produce is already on its way!

Fifi (pictured above) & Juliet picked Gooseberries this week and will be making it into jam at home. The jam will then be put on bread for the children – their first product, Triangle Jam!

We’ll be following Food at the Triangle over the next few months to see how their project gets on,. So we’ll keep you updated with the latest exciting fruit and veg news!