Outraged at high supermarket markups compared with what they pay their producers, Ben Pugh knew there was a better way. A way that prioritised great treatment of farmers, animals and the environment.

So, he founded Farmdrop, an online grocer that sells sustainably produced groceries sourced from a network of farmers, producers and makers.

But what do Farmdrop do to be sustainable? 

“There are so many things that make Farmdrop sustainable.” Explains project manager Grace Niblock. “The biggest one is our extensive sourcing policy, which means that all of the products we provide are fresh,  sustainably produced,  and mostly local too.”

Farmdrop also works closely with their producers to make sure that the products are packaged in the most environmentally friendly way – often this means no packaging, or packaging that is returned to the producer time and time again. 

And although they don’t sit on much stock, they have two warehouses to power, as well as a fleet of electric vans to make their deliveries. All of that requires energy, so they make sure that it’s renewable.

Switching to renewables with Good Energy was a no brainer for us. We’ve dramatically lowered our emissions, and we’re encouraging our producers to switch too.

Like Good Energy, Farmdrop’s passion lies in getting their customers closer to the producer – and they currently support over 450 of them.

“Our producers really are our heroes” explains Grace. “We love telling their stories, and our customers really enjoy this incredibly convenient way to get incredible tasting fresh food and their favourite household products straight to their door.”

And during the 2020 pandemic and lockdown, they’ve found their offering is more important than ever before – with a sharp increase in the volume, size and frequency of orders. 

“I think aside from the convenience, people really are passionate about supporting small businesses and prioritising sustainability in times like these” says Grace.

“Many of our producers lost out on restaurant trade, so it was brilliant that we could support them further.”

Do you want to change the way you shop? Find out if Farmdrop deliver to you.