Recommend to a friend frequently asked questions

Recommend to a friend 


How many friends can I introduce Good Energy to?

There are no limitations to the number of friends you can recommend us to. 


Will my friend know I've introduced them to Good Energy?

Yes, we’ll let your friend know that you’ve recommended us to them. 


How will I know if my friend has joined Good Energy?

We will then notify you by email when a friend has successfully joined Good Energy.


My friend has joined but I haven’t received an email?

Please email us or call 0800 254 0000.


When will my reward arrive?

A £25 credit will be automatically added to your bill within 30 days of your friends ‘supply start date’.


What if my reward doesn’t arrive?

Please email us or call 0800 254 0000.


Why can’t I claim my reward as soon as I've introduced my friend?

Your friend must receive their ‘supply start date’ to confirm they have successfully joined Good Energy.


Does my friend have to be a Good Energy electricity and/or gas supply customer?

Yes, your friend needs to choose Good Energy electricity and/or gas supply if you want to claim the reward.


When will my friend receive their reward?

The £25 credit will be automatically applied to the payable balance on the recommended party’s first bill after supply is successfully switched to Good Energy. 

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