Get £25 off your bill when your friend switches to Good Energy

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We love our customers – and we love it when you feel the same. 

If you enjoy being a Good Energy customer enough to recommend us to a friend, we want to say thanks for your support and welcome your friend with open arms. 

How? By giving you both £25 off your bill! 

Do your bit to tackle climate change and be rewarded for getting your friends on board too. There’s no limit, you can recommend us to as many friends as you like. For each one who switches you’ll both receive £25 off your bill. 

How does recommending Good Energy to a friend work?


Step 1: Add in your own and your friend’s details below

Step 2: We’ll send your recommended friend an email, introducing who we are and letting them know you’ve recommended us to them.

Step 3: If they decide to join us, we’ll celebrate by giving you both £25 off you bill after their supply switches to us.


If you’d like to know more about this offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise here’s the form you need to recommend us to a friend... (or three, or four!).

(P.S. Don’t forget you need to get their permission before passing any details to us)

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