Standards of conduct

A renewable future for the UK is possible, but to do it we need to encourage intelligent, innovative and dedicated individuals into the energy industry.

That’s why we developed the Good Energy Academy, which is all about attracting, developing and retaining great people and helping them become ‘Fluent in Energy’.

This means that whenever you get in touch with us, everyone from Customer Care to Trading and Generation to Marketing should have the know-how to help.


Fairness and transparency

  • Good Energy operates its business in a fair, honest, transparent and professional way. In addition to this we’re dedicated to complying with a request by our regulator OFGEM that all energy suppliers abide by a new license condition called Standards of Conduct.
  • Everything from our prices and our bills to the letters you receive and any phone conversations you have with us aim to be easy to understand and in the best interests of all the people we work with, from our customers, our generators, through to our employees.
  • Our processes are constantly under review, so we can quickly see where improvements can be made. We’re also proud to be recognised for consistently top customer service by both Which? and Martin Lewis MoneySavingExpert. It’s the best type of endorsement we could have, so we aim to keep things that way. 
  • We monitor our service closely on an hourly basis and we are always looking for ways to take feedback from customers and improve on the service we have.  


Handling complaints

  • If you have a problem with our service, one of our Customer Care advisors will try to resolve the issue straight away.
  • We work hard to ensure each member of the team is well-trained and highly knowledgeable across all areas of the business, but unfortunately things do sometimes go wrong. If we are unable to resolve your problem immediately, we work hard through our complaints team to resolve all issues.  Our procedure for complaint handling can be found here


Speak to us

  • We’ll always make it as simple as possible for you to get in touch with us.


Our energy

  • We buy our power from a growing community of independent renewable generators across the UK, ranging from communities and business through to landowners and householders
  • To our customers we promise to match all the electricity they use over the course of a year with electricity sourced purely from certified UK renewables. We always have done and always will.
  • For us it’s not enough to simply source 100% of our electricity from renewables. We want to make sure that the harnessing of green energy is done in the best possible way. As a result, we have some of the strictest purchasing criteria in the industry – it’s also some of the most transparent. Our procurement policy can be seen here.


Our prices

  • Stable: Long term partnerships with independent generators means we get a guaranteed price for their power. And this ensures more stable prices for our customers.
  • Transparent: We will always charge customers reflectively, and the price will always be representative of our costs. 


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