Smart metering

The government has announced that there will be a smart meter in every home by the end of 2020. But what exactly are smart meters and what do they mean for our customers and their energy?

  • In its most basic form, a smart meter is a meter that can be read remotely
  • Suppliers will be able to send and receive information electronically about electricity and gas consumption, significantly increasing the accuracy of billing
  • They can also provide information to customers via a visual display or online. You will be able to see how much energy you use on a day-to-day basis, giving you more control over your energy use and costs. This should help you reduce your energy consumption, making your bills lighter on both the planet and your pocket.

Larger suppliers are obliged to start roll out of smart meters towards the end of 2016. Smaller suppliers, including us, must be ready for smart metering during 2017.

Good Energy has commenced the preparation required to ensure that smart meters can be installed for all of our customers with minimal disruption. This will ensure that our rollout is comprehensive and improve the services offered to our existing and future customers, regardless of when they join and whether or not they have smart meters.

We will update this page with further information as it becomes available.

Find out about the nationwide smart meter roll out below.

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