Our complaints performance

If you ever raise an issue with us, we’ll not only work hard to get to the bottom of it – we’ll also keep a close (and constant) eye on the progress we’re making.

We regularly check how our complaints are doing – and publish our findings both quarterly and annually. That way, we can make sure we’re responding swiftly, really understand our strengths, and spot opportunities to make the process even better. 

Our results show we’re able to resolve most complaints quickly. But, very occasionally, we come across an issue that’s particularly complex. That means involving others, such as metering agents or suppliers, which can take a bit more time.

To see how we’re doing, take a look at the tables below.


Our performance over the last five quarters

The number of complaints we’ve received and resolved can be seen in the tables below.


Number of Complaints received

Number of complaints received per 100,000 customers

Number of complaints resolved

Number of complaints resolved per 100,000 customers

% resolved at day +1 

% resolved at eight weeks 

  Q1 2017 







1st January - 31st March

Q4 2016







1st October - 31st December

Q3 2016 







1st July - 30th September

Q2 2016







1st April - 30th June

Q1 2016







1st January - 31st March


Top 5 complaint reasons for domestic supply complaints

Reason for complaint

What we are doing to improve




There were a number of issues with the accuracy and production of customer’s bills - almost half of all billing complaints were due to delayed bills. This was as a result of unexpected issues with the new billing system. The following steps have been put in place to address and fix the issues:

  • Any accounts that we feel will be impacted by these issues have been suspended until all fixes are in place. This stops us sending out inaccurate bills.
  • Each batch of bills are being spot-checked to ensure the charges are showing correctly
  • We are managing the number of bills we send out daily to ensure our Customer Care team  are able to deal with the volume of customer contact generated
  • We’ve put experienced resources from the billing team directly into our Customer Care team to assist with queries as they are raised
  • We have recruited additional resource into our Billing team to help clear the backlog of queries and this is helping us to reduce the delay in releasing these bills to customers.


The main issue was getting refunds to customers (50% of the payment related complaints received). With the introduction of our new Customer Information System, we found that we were initially unable to process BACs payments directly into customers' bank accounts. Any customer who urgently required their refund was offered either a cheque or a faster payment, however a backlog of refunds built up whilst we resolved the BACs payment process.  The backlog of customer refunds is now cleared and we are processing all refunds within 10 days of the request being made.


Giving our customers an excellent customer experience is at the heart of everything we do and it’s really disappointing when we get things wrong. There are a number of things that we’ve done to improve the level of customer service that we’re providing to our customers:

  • We have increased staff on our customer care team to increase our ability to handle customer contact.
  • We’ve also encouraged customers to email us if they are having trouble getting through, with specific team members managing email responses
  • If we do find a mistake has been made, we will work quickly to put it right, where necessary we will write out to groups of customers that have been impacted by a particular issue
  • We have dedicated resources on our Customer Experience team who have designed a series of FAQs for our customers

We have been transparent with our customer base and our CEO has published two videos explaining the issues and what we are doing to put them right – these were communicated to our customers via our ‘e-news’


As a small energy supplier we have been reliant on a number of different operators to service our metering requirements for our customers. In Q1, we encountered a shortage of these engineers to carry out this work. This was due to the engineer resource being utilised in supporting the national rollout of smart meters across all suppliers throughout the UK. As a result, we experienced an increase in the number of failed appointments. We’ve now taken the decision to transfer to one operator to improve our customer experience, and have centralised the handling of metering appointments to give our customers better support and information about their appointments.




Initially, we found that with the new billing system we experienced some issues that affected customers who were switching. These issues have now been resolved and our customer switch process is now within 21 days:

  • Our switching service via the phone and our portal is now working well
  • All the information our customers need to make an informed switch is available on our portal
  • Direct Debits are being set up within 2 days and we have no backlog
  • Our Start reads were not being sent out to the industry correctly. This meant that they were not being recorded properly. This has now been fixed.
  • We have also experienced some issues in relation to customers trying to switch away from Good Energy. A small number of our fixed price tariff customers were charged an exit fee, and their switch was initially not allowed to go ahead. This was due to an automatic function within the billing system and has been now been fixed to stop this happening again. These customers have now switched away.


Annual Complaints Performance: 

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