Opt into FIT Export

To opt out of your current SmartGen PPA and into the FIT Export scheme we require some details from you. Please complete the form below before 14th March 2024 and tick the box to confirm you are happy to proceed. 

Please note that if you have more than one site, you need to fill the form separately for each of the sites.  Switching to the FiT Export Rate (FER) will change your payment schedule (see below). You can read the FIT Export Rate (FER) terms & conditions here. 

Any personal data we ask for below is collected and stored securely in line with our ethical approach to your data. We ask only for what we need to process your request, we may contact you in the instance of requiring any missing information to complete this process. Read more about how we handle your data in our privacy policy. 


Changes to your payments

The FiT Export Rate (FER) is paid quarterly in arrears, in line with the Ofgem claim processing timeline. This is typically a slower payment process than Good Energy’s SmartGen PPA payments due to the time required to process our customers’ FIT Export Claim with Ofgem.

Customers should receive their FIT Export Rate (FER) payment at the same time as their FiT Generation payment, typically six weeks after the end of the quarter. This could have an impact on your budget management, so please consider it when deciding whether to opt into the FIT Export Rate (FER).