The rate we pay on our SmartGen PPA is dependent on wholesale energy market prices, which have been high since the start of the energy crisis and are set to remain high throughout 2023. This means that we’ll be able to pay you more for your power on our SmartGen scheme in comparison to the FiT Export Rate. 

On our SmartGen PPA, you’ll continue to get the same great service you’re used to: 

  •  Expert, friendly service: From claiming for embedded benefits to advising you of regulatory changes that could impact payments, we help you make the most of your power. 
  •  Market leading rates: With our own trading desk, we offer accurate prices based on real market conditions. We also pay top rates for your REGOs.  
  •  Easy account management: A dedicated account manager to answer queries and an online account where you can access your Self Billed Invoices and keep your details up to date. 

You can read the SmartGen scheme terms and conditions here

To complete this process and opt in to the SmartGen scheme as part of your renewal, we require some details from you. Please complete the short form below before 3rd March 2023 and tick the box to confirm you are happy to proceed. Our team will contact you to confirm your switch. 

Please note that if you have more than one site, you need to fill the form separately for each of the sites. 

Any personal data we ask for is collected and stored securely in line with our ethical approach to your data. We ask only for what we need in order to process your request, and we may contact you in the instance of requiring any missing information in order to complete this process. Read more about how we handle your data in our Privacy policy

SmartGen PPA