The power of choice for your business

Selectricity is our online business platform which allows you to purchase 100% renewable electricity from local generators.

Choose from wind, solar, hydro and bio generators to create an electricity supply that matches the values of your business. The interactive Selectricity web-platform displays the half-hourly electricity consumption of your business by day, week or month, allowing you to make informed decisions about the way you use electricity. Selectricity allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from full visibility of their energy supply - track every kWh to its renewable source and demonstrate the strength of your sustainability credentials to your customers.

Monitor your electricity consumption and costs

See the half-hourly electricity consumption of your business and the cost of the power you have used. Download your half-hourly electricity consumption data for offline analysis.

Choose your 100% renewable supply

Browse a map of 100% renewable generators and choose where you purchase power from. Match each kWh of your electricity consumption to a renewable generator and see your energy usage come to life!

Support your local economy

Show your support for the local economy and the community you work in – purchase 100% renewable electricity from local generators and make sure your energy bill supports the values of your business. 

How does it work?

Selectricity uses the data from your half-hourly electricity meter to match the consumption of your business with local renewable generation. You do not need to install any additional hardware or change anything that your business does. Selectricity is provided for free as part of your supply contract with Good Energy. Good Energy will still be your electricity supplier and you will always be guaranteed a 100% renewable, REGO backed supply. If your chosen generators aren’t producing any power, we will supply you with electricity from some of the 1,200 UK generators we purchase from.


Selectricity for generators

Selectricity is available for renewable generators too! As a generator you can view and download your half-hourly data and see what businesses are consuming your power via the online Selectricity platform.


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Latest Selectricity news

Selectricity goes Fully Charged!

Good Energy recently played host to actor and comedian, Robert Llewellyn, and his film crew for his YouTube channel Fully Charged. His visit gave us an exciting opportunity to talk to him about Selectricity and the future of decentralised energy. Watch the video below to learn more.