The power of choice for your business

Introducing Selectricity: Choose the energy supply for your business

Do you want an electricity supply that matches your business values? Do you want control over where your energy comes from? Are you missing out on reporting that supports your CSR policy?

Selectricity gives you the flexibility to meet these requirements and allows you to find the ideal match to meet your renewable electricity needs. With Selecticity, you can: 

  • Choose the generation type and site from our portfolio of generators
  • Match your consumption to your generator(s) production every half hour
  • View this through an easy to use online dashboard

How does it work?

Your online dashboard gives you everything you need to show and share your energy provenance to meet sustainability credentials. You can control your costs and usage, and monitor and manage your electricity consumption using the dashboard, giving you the insights you need to modify the way you use electricity so that you can reduce your electricity charges. 


You'll also be supporting your local economy, which is a great boost for your CSR credentials. Select from your nearest sustainable electricity generator and show your support for the local economy and the community you work in. 


And it's great news for generators too

As a generator you'll have the same control and visibility over where your electricity goes and the dashboard enables you to visualise and download your export data.  



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