Together for good.

Our partners are vital to our purpose. Over the past two decades, we’ve formed strong ties with leading voices in green energy, technology and sustainability.

This helps us to develop new services to help our customers reduce their environmental impact – and enable more businesses to join the transition to a cleaner, greener world.

Featured Customer:Julie's Bicycle

Clean, renewable energy is the simplest of the many solutions to climate change and Good Energy have been pioneering this solution for many years. We have been really grateful to be in partnership with Good Energy, driving demand for renewables as well as celebrating their work with the creative sector.

Alison Tickell,
CEO and Founder

Julie’s Bicycle is a charity that supports organisations in the arts, culture and heritage sectors to take action on climate change by becoming more sustainable. We have partnered with them since 2016, enabling arts organisations to cut the environmental impact of their energy usage.

Nothing to do with Julie's Bicycle. Please replace me.

Why partner with Good Energy?

  • A personal approach

    We seek to build meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Preferential group pricing

    We work with organisations such as the Creative Energy Partnership to provide their members with reduced energy rates.

  • Promotion

    From join PR opportunities managed by our in-house press team, to marketing services and case studies that showcase your green credentials.

  • Staff offers

    Access exclusive home energy offers for your staff.


  • Albert

    Set up by BAFTA, Albert provides tools, training and resources to enable the film and TV industries to reduce their environmental impact.

    We are Albert’s chosen energy supplier for the Creative Energy Partnership. This scheme supports creative businesses to switch to our 100% renewable electricity for a reduced group rate.

    Watch the video to find out why Band Films joined Good Energy through Albert.

  • Creative Carbon Scotland

    Creative Carbon Scotland are committed to helping arts and cultural organisations reduce their carbon footprint through improving their energy efficiency. We partnered with them in autumn 2019 to make it easy for businesses to switch to 100% renewable electricity.

    Creative Carbon Scotland are also part of the Creative Energy Partnership, set up by the Albert sustainability consortium – another Good Energy partner. This enables creative businesses in Scotland to switch to our 100% renewable electricity for a reduced group rate.

  • Zap-Map

    In 2019 we invested in Zap-Map, the go-to app for the UK’s 300,000+ electric vehicle (EV) drivers, with over 250,000 downloads to date.

    Zap-Map has a unique role to play in helping decarbonise the UK transport sector. Our investment forms part of a connected web of green energy services, including our One Point EV charge point installation service.

    We’ll be working closely with Zap-Map to new products and services to accelerate the EV revolution, including:

    A straightforward, single payment solution for EV drivers and charge point operators, enabling payments across a range of public charging networks through the Zap-Map app. A data insights platform into EV driving and charging, utilising Zap-Map’s database and long-standing experience. Increased in-car functionality to enable EV drivers to easily navigate to charge points, in partnership with auto manufacturers.


  • We partner with those who share our purpose

    From shared marketing and PR opportunities to support for events, we work together to spread awareness of environmental campaigns and the benefit of renewable energy.

  • The Soil Association

    The Soil Association works across health, environment and animal welfare.

    Together with their members and supporters, they’re campaigning for the Government to commit to protecting soil health – vital for safeguarding food security and helping tackle climate change.

Featured Customer:Friends of the Earth

Good Energy and Friends of the Earth are working towards a similar goal – a sustainable world where people are concerned about what is happening around them and to the environment. We are very pleased to be able to work with such an influential organisation during this critical time for the future of energy in the UK.

Juliet Davenport,

We’ve been working with Friends of the Earth for over a decade. Together, we believe we can achieve a future for the UK that’s powered entirely by clean, green energy.

We are a recommended energy supplier for their Green Energy Switch campaign.

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