Setting up export

While the electricity industry can sometimes be confusing, installing your export meter and selling your green electricity to Good Energy shouldn’t be.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting an export meter installed.  


Step One: Grid connection 

The first thing you need to do is to speak to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO), which is the body that manages the local power distribution infrastructure.


You'll need to get consent from the DNO to connect and export to the grid – this is called your Grid Connection Agreement. They will also be able to raise an export MPAN and ensure you have grid compliance (either a G83 or a G59 agreement) to connect to the electricity network. 


Find out who your DNO is


Step Two: Meter Operators

The type of export meter you’ll require will depend upon the declared net capacity (DNC) agreed with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). 

Non-Half Hourly Metering (NHH) – Sites with a capacity under 30 kW

The great news is that we can arrange a NHH export meter on your behalf. You just need to sign up to us for Import and Export but you do not require an additional contract for your meter. 

Half Hourly Metering (HH) – Sites with a capacity 30kW and above

These need an export meter. To get a HH export meter you need to take out an export meter operator contract with an authorised meter operator. A full list of these is available on the Meter Operators Association website. The meter operator is responsible for installing and maintaining the HH export meter. 


**Please Note** If you would like a combined import/export meter you will need to ensure that the meter operator for import and export are the same. If the site has an existing import supply you can check out who your current import meter operator is by giving us or your current energy supplier a call.


In addition to a Meter Operator, there must also be a Half Hourly Data Collector (DC) and a Data Aggregator (DA) to manage your Half Hourly data. We will normally arrange DC/DA for you unless you have arranged this through your chosen Meter Operator.


Step Three: Sign up to Good Energy

If you haven’t already, you can request a quote. Once the quote has been accepted and the contracts are signed and returned, we can begin the registration of the site! 


Step Four: Installing the Export Meter

The first thing we do is register your export MPAN and appoint the necessary agents responsible for installing and maintaining the meter. Registering your export MPAN takes approximately 10 working days.

Once the MPAN has been registered, it takes approximately 10 working days to get the meter operator out to site to install your export meter. 

Once the meter is installed and the meter operator sends through the meter details you should be all set up to sell your electricity back to Good Energy!



It takes approximately 10 working days to switch your export to Good Energy. Please use request a quote and we’ll be in touch with the following steps. 

To export to the grid, you will also need to have an import electricity supply. If you don’t have one, or you’d like Good Energy to help you through the process, please call our Business Sales team on 0800 254 0004.