Energy incentives

The government offers a range of environmental programmes to incentive's the development of new renewable generation projects.

Good Energy offers Power Purchase Agreements(PPA) to suit generators commissioned under the following government incentives:


Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

The Feed-in Tariff is a payment made to those choosing to generate their own renewable electricity with solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity, biofuels or anaerobic digestion. Anyone with a system under 5MW is eligible for the scheme. Once registered for the scheme, you’re entitled to a sum of money for every unit of green electricity you generate - even if you use it on site - and a further sum for the units that you export to the grid. Good Energy can offer rates for your electricity export through our PPA scheme.


Renewables Obligation (RO)

The Renewables Obligation is currently the main support mechanism for large-scale renewable electricity projects in the UK. This is due to end in 2017 for new sites. A significant amount of the UK’s green electricity has been supported by the RO. Good Energy offers competitive rates for exports from all types of RO green electricity sites. 


Contract for Difference (CfD)

Contracts for Difference is going to replace the Renewables Obligation as a support scheme for large-scale (above 5 MW) low carbon generation projects. These are long term contracts, where the power proportion is managed by an electricity supplier, like Good Energy. Good Energy is already offers Terms and conditions on CFDs to generators, and would be pleased to talk to any new green generator under CFD who would like a power contract.