FiT B2B Newsletter September 2016

September 2016's newsletter from the FiT B2B team, featuring articles on:

Automated meter reading submissions have arrived!

We've improved our service streamlining processes

Updating our contracts with you

Meet the Good Energy B2B FiT team


Automated meter reading submissions have arrived!

We are launching a new service to automate the submission of FiT meter readings for our B2B customers. The readings will be automatically sent from your data handlers’/asset managers’ data portals to our database. The benefits of this include:

  • Saving time and effort putting the reading submissions together to send to us
  • Eliminating human error and increasing the number of successful submissions
  • Increasing our load factor tolerance range, meaning far fewer reading failures
  • Ability to submit readings right at the end of the quarter, meaning you’ll be paid for a full calendar quarter and have less time to wait between submitting the reading and getting paid
  • We’ll take interim readings each month too, so that you’ll get an earlier and more regular warning if any sites were to fail our tolerance checks or are on hold for other reasons, giving you more time to fix any problems

We’re initially launching the FiT service with 2 asset managers and 3 partner data handling companies – Anesco, Ecovision, Meter Manager (Meter Online), Decmetrics (OpenMetrics) and Ekkosense. If you use one of these companies for your data handling/ asset management then you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of automated reading submissions straight away. Just email your client advisor to let them know that you want your meter reading submissions automated and we’ll set it up for you.

If you don’t use one of the above companies, don’t worry. We’re aiming to expand this service further, so keep an eye out for future updates from us. You may also want to talk directly to your asset manager or data handler to see if they are working to set this up with us.

We’ve improved our service streamlining processes 

To make life easier for our clients we’ve streamlined our B2B change of ownership and switching processes and we’re making improvements to our application process on our B2C side of the business. We’ve got rid of start meter read checks and under our new contract we no longer need you to sign Terms and Conditions every time you submit a new batch of applications. For more information around this please contact your client advisor.

  • Single point of contact – We understand that communication is key, so to make communication with us as simple as possible we are encouraging you to call your client advisor regarding any business you have with Good Energy. This includes your large +30KW sites, B2C sites and of course your portfolio of domestic (“B2B”) sites. They will do their best to resolve your queries on that call however on occassion they may have to refer to subject matter experts.
  • Helping resolve meter read submission failures – Until our meter read automation is set up we can look at your meter reading data on your behalf. This may help in resolving instances where the submitted reading fails our tolerance checks. We’ll do the legwork for most reading failures without troubling you at all. If you’d like us to do this for you please contact your client advisor and arrange to give them access to your data.
  • Getting rid of annual declarations – earlier this year Ofgem made some improvements to the regulatory requirements for FiT. The most significant of these was to get rid of the need to sign declarations every year, so we no longer have to trouble you for these.
  • Paying you quickly – Depending on the size of your portfolio we may be able to make your payments via an escrow account. That way your payments should get to you 1 day after Ofgem pays the money into the escrow account instead of the usual 4-7 days it takes us to process payments. For those not on an escrow account, we’re also aiming to get your payments to you within 4 working days in future by speeding up our internal processes. 


Updating our contracts with you

As you’re probably aware, we’re in the process of replacing all our existing contracts with FiT clients with a new standard contract. This new contract includes changes needed to enable many of the improvements mentioned above, as well as bringing more new changes in. You should by now have been emailed or phoned about the new contract. If so then please review and return the signed contract as soon as you’re able to. If not please let us know and we’ll take you through it.

Meet the Good Energy B2B FiT Team

Hello and welcome to FIT with Good Energy!

We here in the Good Energy FiT B2B team are a team of six dedicated client advisors that manage around 300 clients with over 91,000 sites between them. We always aim to deliver a fast, efficient and friendly service that is optimised to meet your demands.


(Left to right: Brett, Gary, David, Afonso, Alice, Felicity, Mark, Greg, Brod)

  • Mark (Relationship Manager and Team Leader) ph 01249 765554
  • Brod (Client Advisor) ph 01249 765594
  • Afonso (Client Advisor) ph 01249 766770
  • Greg (Client Advisor) ph 01249 765572
  • David (Client Advisor) ph 01249 479844
  • Alice (Client Advisor) ph 01249 478354
  • Felicity (Senior Client Advisor) ph 01249 766779
  • Brett (Client Administrator)
  • Gary (Client Administrator)


We hope you like the improvements we’ve made so far this year and we’re always aiming to optimise our service for you, so if there’s anything more we can do to make it better then please let us know. If you have any FiT sites with other FiT providers and would be interested in consolidating them all with Good Energy, we’d be happy to talk to you about our new easy switch process too.

You can either contact your client advisor directly or contact us at We are available Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


The FIT Team


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