Olleco: a renewable company that helps businesses to operate more sustainably

We hear from one of our AD generators

Olleco is a unique business set up to serve the UK food and hospitality industry and to help it to operate more sustainably. A PPA customer of Good Energy’s since 2019, all the work Olleco does revolves around the circular economy with a range of services designed to help customers tackle the climate emergency.

Delivering high quality sustainable cooking oils

Olleco supplies premium cooking oils to the hospitality and food service industry, valuing taste, quality and sustainability. All of Olleco’s oil packaging is recyclable and, if customers opt to reuse the oil containers to return used cooking oil, Olleco will take them away and recycle them. 

Collecting used cooking oil to make biofuels

Olleco reduces their carbon impact by using the same delivery vehicles to also collect used cooking oils, which are taken to a refinery to produce biodiesel. Olleco’s biodiesel refinery is the largest in the UK solely dedicated to recovering used cooking oil. It produces biodiesel of the very highest quality reducing vehicle carbon emissions by 88%. What’s more, the food waste scraps and particles contained in the oil collected are filtered out and used to fuel an onsite anaerobic digestion plant that provides the heat and power to fuel the refinery. This ensures nothing goes to waste and that the biodiesel they make from cooking oil is among the greenest in the world. 

Collecting food waste to generate biogas and renewable electricity

Olleco collects food waste from businesses ranging from hotels to chip shops and hospitals to schools; delivering them to a network of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants around the country, reducing the distance food waste has to travel. This food waste is used to generate renewable biogas, renewable electricity, and biofertiliser – delivering greenhouse gas savings that are six times higher than composting.

Working with Good Energy

Good Energy buys all of the energy produced at Olleco’s Westcott Park AD, which transforms food waste into 100% renewable electricity. That’s enough to power over 3000 average UK homes for a year.

With a community of over 1700 independent renewable generators right across Britain, as well as a dedicated team of expert account managers; we were a natural choice of PPA partner for Olleco.

“Working with Good Energy aligns with our ambition to make food sustainable. We are always looking to partner with businesses who share our sustainability values, so selling our electricity to a company that is actively trying to grow the UK renewables sector and make renewables accessible for all was an easy decision for us.

“We enjoy the honest and transparent relationship we have with Good Energy.”

—Adam Baisley, Chief Commercial Officer, Olleco

Find out more about the great work Olleco does here.

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