Kitsons Solicitors go renewable to cut carbon

Kitsons cut their HQ carbon footprint by 85% by going green.

Want to cut your business' carbon emissions overnight? Want to attract climate conscious clients and employees?

This was the goal Kitsons Solicitors, set themselves in 2019. Except they had an additional challenge to overcome: they co-let their office.

Part of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, Kitsons were sold on switching to renewable electricity as one of the most powerful things they could do to reduce their environmental impact.

But having never managed utilities for their co-let premises before, they faced the challenge of navigating an energy marketplace full of varying green claims for a supplier that would suit both their and their co-tenant’s needs and values.

After sourcing quotes from a number of suppliers, Good Energy was the clear choice.

Good Energy stood out as they were very transparent, and their quote covered everything in one price – whereas others had hidden additional costs. They could also guarantee to provide 100% renewable power sourced directly from renewable generators, when the other providers couldn’t.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Good Energy so far. What’s more, it makes us believe that we are part of something bigger – the fight against climate change.

Nick James, Practice Manager

Through switching to renewable power, Kitsons believe they’ve cut their HQ’s carbon footprint by around 85% – something that will help them stand out to both business and domestic customers.

The problem

  • Kitsons wanted to cut carbon, but they co-let their office.
  • They needed a transparent quote so that the two businesses could compare like for like.
  • They wanted a guarantee that their power was genuinely green.

The solution

  • We provided a transparent quote, with guaranteed figures for unknown costs.
  • They receive bespoke service and open communication with a dedicated account manager.
  • All their power is matched with power we’ve bought from our community of 1700 UK renewable generators.

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