Battery storage solutions for your business

You can find out more about how battery storage can benefit your business by watching our video of Director of Business Services, Dr. Randall Bowen.

Good Energy can offer a simple, bespoke storage solution for business customers providing, guaranteed, fixed annual savings on your energy bills. A turnkey solution for our half-hourly customers - we can specify, install, operate and maintain your energy storage system.

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Our Model

Our storage solution is operated by our aggregator partner to maximise savings on your energy bills by reducing consumption of electricity at peak times. By using a behind-the-meter solution, we can charge at off-peak times to ensure low electricity and network prices. By then discharging at peak times we help reduce your business electricity costs.

Our battery storage solution offers three revenue streams:

1) On-site savings

The battery will discharge at peak times, reducing the amount of electricity your business imports and the charges for use of the transmission and distribution network.

2) Firm Frequency Response

Outside of peak times, the storage system will help balance national demand by providing frequency response services to the National Grid.

3) Capacity Market

The battery will also provide long-term capacity to the national electricity system by providing firm capacity and helping to avoid blackouts at peak times.

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Working with the Eden Project

Like Good Energy, sustainability is at the core of everything the Eden Project does – we've developed a strong partnership since they became a 100% renewable electricity customer in 2014.

Following a feasibility study, it was clear battery storage was the next logical step for them. Funded by us, the Eden Project has a bespoke solution that will be installed in 2018. The solution is designed to meet their energy requirements and guarantees a fixed annual saving over the 15 year lifetime of the installation.

Eden Project's Finance Director, Peter Wroe, with Good Energy's Director of Business Services, Randall Bowen

Good Energy for your business

Our battery storage solution works alongside your fixed supply contract from Good Energy to ensure your business benefits from a 100% renewable electricity supply. Our online business platform Selectricity can go even further, giving you complete visibility of the local, renewable generators powering your business.

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