About Good Energy

Climate change is our responsibility.

To tackle the climate crisis, Britain must get to zero carbon emissions. As energy is one of the most significant sources of emissions, we must make electricity, heat and transport green. Good Energy is committed to enabling homes and businesses to do exactly that.

Hear from our Founder, Juliet Davenport, about why Good Energy exists.

Britain’s greenest energy supplier

Renewable power from real people

Our 100% renewable electricity is made in Britain by over 1,700 independent green generators.

Good Energy pioneered support for independent generators through our HomeGen scheme, which laid the foundations for the government’s Feed-in Tariff. We offer FiT administration and export tariffs to support businesses that export renewable electricity to the grid, with plans to provide solar panel installation services in the future.

Putting greenwashing in the spotlight

Trust that your business’s power supply is genuinely sustainable. We’ve been recognised by Ofgem for the support we provide for renewables, as well as being ranked as one of the country’s greenest suppliers by Which?.

In comparison, other suppliers have been found to be inflating how green their tariffs are, as highlighted by recent research by the Committee on Climate Change.

Our fuel mix

We were the first energy company to only supply 100% renewable electricity. More than two decades later, we’re as committed as ever to combatting the climate crisis with clean, green energy.

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Average UK Fuel Mix


Good Energy's Fuel Mix


Supporting low carbon & renewable heat

We offer green gas contracts for homes and businesses. 10% of the gas we supply is renewable biogas. The rest is offset by investing in projects that improve access to green energy around the world.

We know that the country can’t achieve zero emissions without moving away from gas as a main heat source, so we’re researching and innovating how to support low carbon and renewable heat, including our heat pump tariff for domestic supply customers.