On Youth and Future Generations Day at COP27, we are sharing the UK’s 2022 Youth Climate Statement.

Good Energy has long been dedicated to amplifying youth voices. We believe our purpose, combatting climate change, demands it — young people will be most affected by climate change. It is the reason we set up our Good Future Board, why we supported the school climate strikes and why we have been a headline sponsor of pre-COP youth conferences since 2019.

Prior to world leaders joining the UN’s global climate conference COP each year, youth conferences take place around the world. Each conference culminates in the drafting of a youth statement. The national (or local) conferences’ statements then feed into a central youth statement which is handed to the COP President each year. Ensuring that the priorities of young people are put in front of decision makers.

In 2019 we sponsored the UK’s Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) then in 2021 Good Energy sponsored the main global youth conference COY16, which took place in Glasgow. This year we supported the UK’s LCOY again in Manchester, where our Good Future Board member Mahnoor Kamran was a keynote speaker.

“As the world rebuilds itself ‘post-pandemic’ and addresses this climate emergency- why not carry this out in a truly intersectional and holistic manner, where the most marginalised are finally listened to? This is where climate justice introduces itself: promoting solutions that don’t only protect the environment and reduce warming, but build a socially equitable, just world.”

– Mahnoor Kamran

As with LCOY’s taking place around the world, the delegates created a youth statement. In summary, the UK 2022 Youth Climate Statement covers the following –

  1. Energy – “Moving away from coal power to renewable alternatives is the only way we can actually stop climate change.”
  2. Climate justice – “The climate crises disproportionately aects the most marginalised in every society despite these people contributing least. All climate policy needs to centre climate justice at its heart.”
  3. Education – ““Education is the precursor to action – it’s where it all starts.”
  4. Food and agriculture – “We need to make healthy and climate-friendly food accessible, and improve our management of food waste.”
  5. Conservation – “Build with nature, not against it.”
  6. Transport – “Young people have fewer cars, so public transport is very important for us. Trains and buses should be cheaper, safer and more reliable.”
  7. Mitigation and Future Planning – “Be wary of self-fulfilling prophecies. We should focus on taking action to prevent climate disasters, rather than planning on dealing with them.”
  8. Innovation and technology – “The most important thing to invest in is people’s skills.”