Lick the Spoon is an award-winning manufacturer of delicious luxury chocolate, based in Wiltshire. 

Started in 2006 at their kitchen table, husband and wife team Matthew and Diana Short have grown their ethical local business from the ground up. 

Their chocolates have now reached the shelves of Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Sky Atlantic’s Game of Thrones; as well as the tables of two prime ministers and the Royal Foundation!

Like Good Energy, Lick the Spoon aim to reduce their environmental footprint in everything they do. 

Their packaging is made from compostable and biodegradable plant-based materials instead of plastic, and their unused packaging is reused through the Wiltshire scrap store for use by local schools.

What’s more, they are committed to ethical, fair trade procurement to ensure as much value is retained in local communities as possible.

Matthew explained how they don’t just source their cocoa beans from Madagascar, but instead source 100% cocoa mass from which they make their signature house blend. They have seen first hand the huge difference this makes in Madagascar, creating higher value skills in the country of origin. 

During their visit to Madagascar in 2016, they also visited a local children’s home, which they now sponsor due to the lack of state social care.

Matthew explained to us how his visit to cocoa farmers and chocolate makers in Madagascar and Grenada inspired them to go green with their energy:

The experiences of the people there brought home how small and precious our planet is.

Good Energy is very proud to supply Lick the Spoon with 100% renewable electricity, further supporting their commitment to sustainability.

But why did they choose us?

Matthew explained:

We chose Good Energy primarily because of their commitment to renewable energy. We also saw the work they were doing at the local festival of engineering encouraging children to think of renewable energy sources.

Fancy treating yourself to some sustainable chocolates? Find out more about Lick the Spoon here