The temperature is dropping, the central heating is coming on and people are starting to wrap up warm.  You may have already seen our post on saving electricity at home, but now let’s look at how you can keep your home warm throughout winter without using loads of energy – these tips will help you keep your bills down!

Put on a jumper and get under bundles of blankets

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but the easiest way to keep your home warm is to keep yourself warm. Wrapping up in layers is about as basic as staying warm gets, but it really is the most effective thing you can do. Throw a blanket over yourself when watching TV or keep your socks on in bed – it’s a tiny thing that can make a huge impact.

Stop the draft

Gusts and breezes are no good when it comes to keeping heat in your home. Luckily, sorting this issue out is relatively simple and can be done by even the most inexperienced DIY’ers. All good home shops will sell draft excluders for you to make your home gust-free.

Take care of your radiators

Inefficient radiators aren’t just rubbish at warming up your house; they can be extremely expensive to run. Get a radiator key and give them a bleed to make sure there’s no air trapped in the system. This can save you a lot of money on heating and give you a nice toasty home.

Put a reflector sheet behind your radiators

While we’re on the topic of radiators, you want to make sure that they’re warming up your rooms and not just the walls! These cheap and easy to apply sheets help to reflect heat from the radiators back into the room, keeping your home snug and cosy without as much waste.

Close and open your curtains

Don’t stand there flapping them open and closed, that’s not what we mean! Instead, make sure that once the sun sets your curtains are closed and that they’re open again when it’s sunny. Doing this allows the sun to warm your house up during the day while the curtains work to stop heat escaping during the evenings.

Cook dinner at home

Everyone has to eat and winter is a perfect time for casseroles, stews and roasts, all of which require a significant amount of heat to cook. Not only do recipes like these give you a lovely warm dinner, the cooking process also helps to warm up your house through residual heating – winner winner, piping hot dinner! Here’s some of our eco-friendly kitchen tips

Use a smart heating system

There are lots of innovative smart home systems available that can revolutionise the way you heat your home. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money now for future gains, then smart technology is a great option. There are so many options available to suit your needs, allowing you to do everything from making sure you aren’t warming up an empty house to heating the house up slower (so using less energy than cranking the thermostat up when you get in!). This technology can ensure your home stays nice and comfortable whilst helping you be more energy efficient.

Cosy up together

Body heat is a very powerful tool and if you live with your partner, friends, or even a pet, then cosying up can keep you snug as a well-loved bug in a hug.  Share a sofa or get all the family to stay in the living room and be amazed at how warm your home can feel from sharing body heat – there’s a reason penguins huddle together!

Cat asleep on a bed.

Microwavable heat pads

Water bottles are great but microwavable heat pads and packs are even better! Not only is your microwave likely to use less electricity to get your pack warm and ready, but there’s also no wasted water and these pads can be made from eco-friendly material like rice and wheat instead of rubber.

Loft insulation

Did you know that 25% of your home’s heat is lost through the roof? This is extremely inefficient and means your heating has to work even harder to keep your family at a comfortable temperature. Make sure that you put plenty of insulation in your loft to help retain warmth, being careful not to squish it down with any boarding.

Keep moving

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, and getting your blood pumping is a great side-effect for keeping you lovely and warm. Don’t just sit around complaining about being cold, get up and move around. Why not put away your laundry, do the washing up or run the hoover around? You’ll find that you’ll feel much warmer in no time.

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