Hundreds of local authorities and businesses have declared a climate emergency, joining Good Energy in its 20-year ongoing fight against the devastation of our home planet.

When I founded Good Energy 20 years ago it was with a clear purpose. Having been exposed to the science of climate change at university, I looked around and saw barely anyone taking responsibility for addressing this oncoming crisis. It was not on the agenda for businesses or government, and only a small minority of individuals were aware enough to hold either to account.

Climate change is why Good Energy exists. It was founded with the principle of offering people practical solutions. We wanted to take responsibility, and to empower other people to do so with us. My dream was, and still is, to get solar panels on every household in the UK. Generating and using power in a way that combats climate change directly.

Fast forward to today and record high temperatures are being matched with record high concern about climate change. As the Global Climate Strikes commence, we will see millions of individuals take to the streets because they want responsibility to be taken. Hundreds of businesses and local authorities have done that, by taking the steps of declaring a climate emergency and switching to 100% renewable power. 

In their declaration, businesses have supported Good Energy’s 20 year cause by committing to a list of things we do by default — 

  • Developing a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ – Good Energy’s entire business model is a climate emergency plan, proven to grow renewable generation.
  • Publishing a board resolution of this declaration and an annual report on progress— Good Energy publishes an annual report and purpose report, documenting progress on financial, strategic and sustainability goals.
  • Ensure the plan is align with business trajectory and meets net zero between 2025 and 2050— Good Energy is already net zero business, as we offset all direct and indirect emissions. However, we are constantly pushing to go further, as offsetting has its limits. We have consistently reduced our carbon impact, seeing a 10.57% reduction in 2018 across direct, indirect and scope three emissions such as procurement and employee travel. Details of this are published in our purpose report.
  • Designing realistic milestones for business reconfiguration with interim targets if net zero target is beyond 2030 — Good Energy’s business does not require reconfiguring.
  • Sharing best practices amongst peers— We enable best practice among peers, in offering a service that allows them to use renewable energy. But we share expertise too — our expert people work with customers every day to help them find ways to reduce their impact.
  • Advocating for change and encouraging staff and stakeholders to take action — We have been advocates of action on climate for our 20 year history, and continue to work with influential partners like Albert and Julie’s Bicycle to change entire industries. Our staff are incentivised to travel to work using green methods and to use clean energy at home. Our shareholders have invested in our strategy, and the majority are also customers — they are some of the greatest advocates of our purpose. 

Without action, a declaration alone means nothing, and we know that action taken together has greater power. So any organization that has made a declaration and wants to take action with us, we will welcome with open arms.

Written by Juliet Davenport, Founder of Good Energy.