The UK’s creative industry uses a lot of power.

In 2018, emissions from energy use across the sector stood at 44,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. While this number remains high, the figure has actually come down from its peak; in 2013 the figure reached 67,500 tonnes.

A film or photography set lit with bright studio lighting.

Sustainability concerns have clearly grown in prominence among the UK’s many creative organisations. And BAFTA, through its albert programme, has been a key driver in raising awareness across the industry.

The Creative Energy Project is one of its success stories; in partnership with Good Energy, the initiative was set up as a way of changing electricity use in the industry to become cleaner and more affordable. It was designed to attract companies by offering 100%, UK-sourced renewable power at a competitive price. The growing number of companies joining the project since it was established in 2016 shows environmental awareness and enthusiasm is high.

Roser Canela-Mas, BAFTA’s sustainability manager, explains: “The main benefits for companies in joining the project is we source all the energy together which brings the price down; plus they are doing good for the planet so it is a win-win.”

The project also acts as an enabler, providing companies with the tools and advice to go further in reducing their carbon footprint. One of those beneficiaries has been Band Studios, a production company based in Bristol, which has been with Good Energy for over four years.

“We were on board straight away,” says Pete Martin, Band Studio’s managing director, citing BAFTA as an important partner in the process. Band recognised that the creative industries value a company which has strong sustainability credentials, and that they were more likely to win work as a result of going green.

“Being part of the Creative Energy project and with Good Energy has certainly been great for our customers and great for us as a business,” he says.

We source all the energy together which brings the price down, plus they are doing good for the planet

Roser Canela-Mas, Sustainability Manager, BAFTA

Going 100% renewable was key to Band obtaining certification from albert that its production work is sustainable. The stamp is increasingly seen at the end of TV programmes with recent achievements made by EastEnders, Have I Got News for You, and Downton Abbey.

“It makes me really happy when I hear successful stories, like Band Films joining the project. It makes me realise how much we can empower organisations,” adds Roser.