It has been over a year since we launched our Green Gas – a pivotal moment that enabled us to allow our customers to access completely carbon neutral gas for the first time! This means that our dual fuel customers can have a personal carbon footprint that’s half the size of what it would be if they were using traditional fossil fuel energy to power and heat their homes.

Since April 2016, 6% of our domestic gas supply (this will be 10% from 1st April 2020) now comes from sources of biomethane generated at the Cannington Bio Energy plant in Somerset. The green gas they generate is produced using food waste that comes from supermarkets, shops, hotels, and restaurants. 

The remaining 94% of our gas is balanced through the diverse carbon reduction schemes – that you helped us choose! – in Nepal, Malawi and Vietnam. 

Thanks to you, our Green Gas customers have helped with projects that have seen more fuel-efficient cook stoves installed in homes, and reduced deforestation through sustainable tools and skills, as well as introducing biogas technology to these communities.

The success of our Green Gas projects

Our Green Gas schemes have not only significantly reduced global carbon emissions – they have also produced a number of positive social and environmental by-products that have greatly benefited the locals, including:

  • Equality for women and people of different castes
  • Reduction in premature births and infant mortality
  • A reduction in serious health conditions such as TB, asthma and cancer
  • Improved rates of employment and education
  • Maintaining and rejuvenating the local environment and biodiversity
  • Reduction in deforestation

There are now over 44,000 of you signed up to our Green Gas tariff, meaning more and more carbon emissions are being prevented every single day.

It’s been a fantastic first year and the green gas industry is continuing to go from strength to strength. Our purpose is to power the choice of a cleaner, greener future together so we just want to say a personal thank you to all of our customers, old and new, for helping making this first year such a success.

Join the family by switching today and find out how, through your commitment to being green, we’re helping the planet both locally and globally.