We’ve hit a huge milestone at Good Energy.

We now buy our 100% renewable power directly from over 2000 independent renewable generators across Britain.

That’s over 2000 businesses, non-profits and community groups that are boosting their local economies, combatting climate breakdown, and using their income as a force for good.

People like Matthew – who has been with Good Energy since the very beginning; Jo and Bev who have regenerated their local woodland, and Andy, who invests the revenue from renewable power back into community benefit projects.  

We provide this community with unrivalled support and a fair income – buying power directly from them to match every kWh our customers use at home. By supporting independent generators, we’re working to make sure that more and more people can become generators and play a huge role in making our world cleaner and greener.

Why is it good to work with thousands of generators?

One of our 2000 independen renewable generators.

Britain’s energy grids can’t keep relying on enormous, centralised power stations that burn polluting fossil fuels. The future of energy includes hundreds of thousands of people who generate, use, store and share renewable energy locally, in ways that support their surrounding community.

Just like choosing to shop with small businesses rather than retail giants, this method provides a sustainable income to many; as well as making our energy grids more flexible and efficient.

But we’ve still got a long way to go to get to net zero. To do this, we need to bring more and more renewable generation onto the grid. Whether that’s a huge offshore windfarm, a small hydro scheme, or solar panels on household rooftops – it all has an important role to play in ending Britain’s contribution to climate change.

Meet some of our generators here.