Good Energy was founded on a purpose – to power a cleaner greener world. Our new video series, Better Business, shows a range of brands that share similar values.

20 years on, and that purpose still guides everything we do. It inspires innovation, increases trust, and ensures people and planet are always prioritised over profit. And as we push for a green economic recovery from covid-19, purpose in business is more important now than ever before.

In a brand new series called Better Business, I speak with seven incredibly inspiring founders and directors that have built their businesses on purpose too.  

Whether that purpose is to produce carbon neutral salad, sustainable products for sea lovers, or to address the lack of women in science, technology, engineering and maths fields; we discuss how they went about finding it, how its guided them throughout their decision making, and how it’s helped them to adapt to the global pandemic too.

We’ll be releasing one episode featuring an inspiring founder every Friday across the Good Energy YouTube and Instagram TV channels, starting this week with Tom Kay of ultra sustainable clothing company, Finisterre.

Look out, and enjoy!